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Foundation Stage Parent Lunch Autumn 2017

To welcome our new parents to Cheynes we invited them to lunch with their children. Then they had the chance to meet their child's teacher and visit their classroom. The children thoroughly enjoyed showing their parents what life is like at Cheynes!

Puzzle Challenge Day - 2015

The children all appeared to thoroughly enjoy the Puzzle Challenge Day this week, taking part in a range of giant puzzles and mathematical challenges.  The children worked well in teams and everyone was encouraged to not give up!

Even the adults in school were encouraged to have a go at solving some of the challenges...some of them even completed them!  Well done Mrs Heasman!

Picture 1

And a really big thank you to all the parents and carers who returned at the end of the day to have a go at completing some more challenges with their children. 

We saw some amazing examples of perseverance, particularly from some Grandparents!  We were proud of your efforts.  Well done!

Maths Puzzle Challenge Day - 2015

World Maths Day


The theme this year for World Maths Day at Cheynes Infant School was 'collaborative learning when solving problems using a range of thinking skills'.  To enable this to happen, the whole school was mixed up for one afternoon to give children from Foundation Stage, Year One and Year Two the opportunity to work together on various mathematical games/problems.

Scroll down to find photographs of each class working alongside other year groups.  Make sure you look for the correct class name.


Our Super Science Day!

Our Super Science Day! 1
Our Super Science Day! 2
Our Super Science Day! 3

What a fantastic Science Day we had on Friday 8th November! In the lead up to the day a challenging Science Quiz was put on the website and sent out to all children. We were amazed to have 88 entries with over half of these getting all the questions correct! As there were so many responses, the children’s names were put into a hat and a name was drawn from each class. The lucky winners of some fabulous science kits were:


Mauve Class: Ashleigh

Red Class: Chloe

Orange Class: Taskin

Green Class: Jamie

Yellow Class: Lucas

Blue Class: Ben

Rainbow Class: Jessica

Starlight Class: Yasmin

Sunshine Class: Zara


The Quiz really got the children thinking scientifically and they were all very excited for our Science Day! The day started out with children watching their teachers (or Professors!) conduct some amazing ‘Wow’ experiments; including exploding bags, volcanoes and magic eggs!


The children then watched ‘Quantum Theatre’ perform ‘Octopushy’. This funny and entertaining show helped the children to learn all about forces including pushes, pulls, magnetism and gravity. The rest of the day involved children in Years 1 and 2 rotating around their year group classrooms to take part in lots of challenging investigations.


The children were challenged to make paper helicopters, investigate friction using jelly and create rocket mice amongst other investigations! The children in Foundation Stage investigated forces, materials and changing materials in lots of fun ways; including making popcorn, creating superhero capes and driving magnetic cars!


The day was finished off with a fantastic assembly allowing the children to show off what they had been investigating throughout the day. The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and it encouraged them to ask questions and explore the world around them.


What a success!

Miss Horn

Science Subject Leader