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Admission Arrangements

The Governing Body of Cheynes Infant School has adopted Luton Borough Council's Admissions Arrangements.  Please follow the link at the bottom of the page to access the most up to date information.

Admissions Policy


1. All parents requesting a place for their child at Cheynes Infant School will be asked to complete a registration form and to produce a birth certificate and proof of residence.

As the child approaches statutory school age a booklet entitled “Going to School at 5 is issued to parents by the LA. The accompanying form must be completed and returned to the LA, who are the admissions officer for statutory aged pupils. The LA are responsible for the admission of all pupils at Cheynes Infant School and issue timescales for the return of forms. Forms can also be completed online.


2. In accordance with the LA Admissions Policy, parents of pupils living in the catchment area of Cheynes Infant School will be offered a place for their child provided:

  • they have expressed their preference by registering their child no later than the beginning of the academic year in which the child’s fifth birthday is attained and


  • that the School Standard Number (90 per year group) is not exceeded.


3. If the number of places in any year group is not sufficient to meet the requests of parents, then the following criteria will be applied to determine how the places will be allocated:


a. Pupils who are ‘looked after’ by a local authority where the person with parental responsibility completes the application form;


b. Pupils living in the catchment area of the school;


c. On medical grounds supported by a medical certificate;


d. Brothers and sisters of pupils currently attending Cheynes Infant School or Sundon Park Junior School;


e. On the shortest distance, measured in a straight line, between the front door of the school and where the pupil lives, with those living closer to the school being accorded higher priority.


4. All criteria will be administered by the Pupil Admissions Department of the LA.


The School Standard Number – This is determined by the Local Authority in agreement with the DfES. The admission limit of Cheynes for each year group is 90.


Linda Walsh                                                                                                         Sept 2017