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Eco Schools at Cheynes Infant School

The Eco Champions are really making a difference...

We have been awarded the Green Flag! 

Well done to everyone.

Bring and Buy Book Sale

Thank you to everyone who brought a book in from home after World Book Day.  Every child that brought in a book or made a book mark, received a Cheynes pound to spend at our Bring and Buy Sale.  The Eco Champions did a fantastic job at leading this event and raised a total of 109 Eco Pounds.  Due to the generosity of our children and their families we still have lots more books left that will be going on sale on Monday, 18th March at the end of the day in the School Hall.


Thank you again for your support.


Bring and Buy Book Sale - Spring 2019

Recycling Competition


Thank you to everyone who entered the recycling competition. 

How creative you all are! 

We had lots of fantastic examples of how you can re-use different items.  Here are a few examples of what we saw:

  • Trinket boxes made form crisp tubes 

  • Rockets made from plastic bottles, cups and cardboard tubes

  • Bird feeders made from plastic bottles

  • Money boxes made from milk cartons

  • Train made from boxes and cartons

  • Lamps using plastic bottles

  • Musical instruments made from boxes, cardboard tubes


Well done to the competition winners!



Recycling Competition Entries

Eco Competition!

Spring 2018

Details of competition

Recycling Competition


Firstly, we would like to say how happy we are that in our recent Ofsted visit we had the chance to talk about our important role within the school and if you haven’t had a chance to read the report yet, here is a comment below written all about us:

‘Older pupils are very proud to be eco-champions and they talk positively about the difference they are making for the younger pupils. One Year 2 pupil was very proud to be an eco-champion and was able to describe how they were helping to save the planet.’

Ofsted Inspection Report, 2018

We have already started thinking about the importance of recycling and the impact plastic is having on our planet! Today we carried out a whole school assembly where we were able to talk about the importance of recycling, reusing and most importantly reducing. There is a lot of talk today about the excessive use of plastic and the impact this is having on our planet.

So we have decided to run a competition for this half term and encourage people to do one of two things:

  1. Firstly, try to reduce the amount of plastic we buy and our idea for this is to try and encourage others to buy a reusable water bottle that can be refilled daily instead of buying a disposable one.

  2. Secondly, we want to encourage children to think about reusing plastic objects that have been bought in a weekly shop but will end up in the bin. In our assembly we gave the children some ideas about what they could use to enter the competition. To find out more about our competition, please click the link above.

Bee Day - 2017

What an amazing Bee Day we had!

Thank you to all the Eco Champions for organising such an important day across the school.  The children and adults had fun learning all about bees, the important work they do and why we need to protect them.  We even had a Bee Quiz in assembly.  Have a look at the photos below to see what the children got up to in each year group.


Well done to everyone who entered the Bee Day competition.  The Eco Champions had a particularly difficult task of judging the competition.  Some of the entries can be seen below.


Winning entries:

Sunshine Class: Angel B

Rainbow Class: Ethan J

Starlight Class: Taylor H

Yellow Class: Zach R

Blue Class: Angus C

Green Class: Finley T

Red Class: Paige J

Orange Class: Raphael

Mauve Class: Dilith K 

Bee Day Competition Entries

Bee Day Competition Entries 1
Bee Day Competition Entries 2
Bee Day Competition Entries 3
Bee Day Competition Entries 4
Bee Day Competition Entries 5
Bee Day Competition Entries 6
Bee Day Competition Entries 7
Bee Day Competition Entries 8
Bee Day Competition Entries 9
Bee Day Competition Entries 10
Bee Day Competition Entries 11
Bee Day Competition Entries 12
Bee Day Competition Entries 13
Bee Day Competition Entries 14
Bee Day Competition Entries 15
Bee Day Competition Entries 16
Bee Day Competition Entries 17
Bee Day Competition Entries 18

Green Day

(Summer 2016)


The Eco Champions had a fantastic idea to raise awareness of environmental issues throughout the school by holding a ‘Green Day’.  Children were encouraged to support their teachers in planning the day and sharing their ideas.  The Eco Champions also suggested that children could wear their own ‘green’ clothes throughout the day.  Some children even dressed up to share a message with their friends, such as dressing up as an endangered animal.  We even had ‘Recycling Man!’  The whole school took part in a 'Green Day' assembly sharing individual messages with the school.  Finally at the end of the day we had a 'Garden Sale' selling off all of the lovely fruit and vegetables grown this year by the gardening club.

Thank you to everyone for making the day such a success!


Scroll down to find out more...

Green Day Assembly

Green Day in Foundation Stage

In Foundation Stage the children used natural materials in lots of different activities. They made some clay faces and animals. Each child had the chance to decorate a plant pot and plant some seeds. We talked about how we can help our seeds to grow. In Starlight class they talked about recycling paper, and even had a go at turning the rubbish from the day before into new paper. Everyone had a great Green Day!

Green Day in Year One

In Green class, the children were considering the importance of having a healthy diet and enjoyed making fruit kebabs using a variety of different fruits. The children then drew their fruit kebabs or wrote a set of instructions on how to make them.

In Blue class, the children explored the topic of endangered animals and then created posters to encourage people to save them and their habitats.

Finally in Yellow class, the children carried out a traffic survey of the types of vehicles that use the road outside the school. Each group spent ten minutes tallying the vehicles as they drove past. They then returned to class where they created a block graph. After that we carried out a survey of the ways that the children travel to school and discussed which mode of transport was the most eco-friendly.

Green Day in Year Two

In Year 2 the children were encouraged to explore art through nature.  They went hunting in the outside area for their own painting instruments and resources that they could use to make their own pictures.  They even made their own paints using a range of natural products such as blackberries and spices.  The children also went on a clue finding mission to complete a recycling task and used the clues to create their own recycling posters.  A fun day was had by all and many children had some thought-provoking messages to share throughout the day about the importance of caring for our planet. 

The Bring and Buy Book Sale (Spring 2016)


Well done to all the Eco Champions for their excellent idea on how we could reuse any unwanted books with our friends.  It was great to see how many books were donated to the school and children were able to earn a Cheynes Pound by donating a book which they could then spend at the Book Sale.

Picture 1
Picture 2

We have been awarded the Green Flag!


All year the Eco Champions and the rest of the school have been working on a range of issues relating to enhancing the school grounds, raising awareness on issues such as recycling, encouraging everyone to save energy and covering areas of sustainability within the curriculum.


Yesterday we had a representative from the Eco Schools Programme to assess what the children have been doing.  Our Eco Champions gave the assessor a tour of the school and talked about some of the projects we have been engaged in.  A huge big thank you to Olivia, Reece, Jack, Brooke, Aasim, Manha, Samuel, O’Din, Rico, Abbie and Suhana, our Eco Champions who were fantastic.  Also a very big thank you to our gardeners, Lui-Kye, Amaan, Emma, Dontae, Sandy and Poppy, who showed the assessor all the hard work that has taken place in the garden area this year. 


I would also like to extend a thank-you to Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Sibley who have been dedicated Eco Champions throughout the year and for all of Mrs Sibley’s time and hard work in the garden.


The assessor was very impressed with everything that she saw and we were informed this morning that we have been awarded the Green Flag in recognition of all the wonderful work that has taken place over the year at Cheynes.  Well done to everyone!


Miss Ballinger

Gardening Club in action...

Gardening Club in action... 1

Summer 2015

A big thank-you to everyone who filled a red bag for the recycling scheme. We collected 82 bags! The Eco Champions will let you know what Science resources were chosen for the school in due course.

A big thank-you to everyone who filled a red bag for the recycling scheme.  We collected 82 bags! The Eco Champions will let you know what Science resources were chosen for the school in due course. 1
A big thank-you to everyone who filled a red bag for the recycling scheme.  We collected 82 bags! The Eco Champions will let you know what Science resources were chosen for the school in due course. 2


Join in our recycling scheme in school. 

Read on to find out more...

We are excited that our school has joined Science into Schools, an exciting new programme which lets us collect and swap unwanted textiles for fantastic new science equipment and resources.


We are also learning about the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling.


Did you know 350,000 tonnes of used clothing is thrown in landfill in the UK every year?



We need your help…

By donating your unwanted clothes and shoes, you will be helping us get fascinating free science equipment!


To find out more about Science into Schools, go to:

Please donate your unwanted clothes and shoes to:

Cheynes Infant School

On Wednesday 29th April


Remembrance Day 2014

100 Years of Remembrance: 1914-2014


The Eco Champions are always looking for ways to improve the school environment.  However, at the last Eco Schools Meeting one of the Eco Champions suggested an idea to use the school environment to encourage us to remember others.  Brooke Mapp felt that Remembrance Day should be marked this year by planting some poppies so that each and every year all the children and adults at Cheynes Infant School could remember all the men and women over the years who have made sacrifices to keep us all safe. 

Miss O'Donnell held a very special Remembrance Day Assembly and asked Brooke and other children across the school to plant some poppy seeds during the assembly.  The children in Year One have currently been learning about Remembrance Day and they finished off the assembly by laying poppy wreaths around the newly planted pot.


Eco Champions encourage a litter free school...

The Eco Champions are running a competition to promote the importance of keep the environment tidy and free from litter.

All children in Cheynes have been given the opportunity to take part in a competition to design a poster reminding others to look after their environment. 

The Eco Champions will then be judging the posters and will be awarding prizes for the best posters in each year group.

The closing date for the competition is Friday, 9th May.

The Bring and Buy Toysale

Spring 2014


The Eco Champions have been busy thinking about ways to recycle or reuse unwanted toys.  They had a fantastic idea that they wanted the children of Cheynes to take part in, a bring and buy toysale!

All children across the school had the opportunity to bring in an unwanted toy, the Eco Champions were very particular about the condition of these toys, and then they received a ticket to use at the 'toysale'.




The Eco Champions did an amazing job of organising and running this event.  There were many happy customers...




See below for more photographs of the event.


The Eco Champions are now all wearing badges designed by Tiannah on the Eco Council.  Many designs were put forward and the Eco Champions then chose their favourite design to be used on their badges for this school year.


Eco Champions Toysale - Spring 2014

Bring and Buy Book Sale

                                                                                                                                                                     In 2013 The Eco Champions decided to hold a Bring and Buy Book Sale to enable the children at Cheynes Infant School to recycle unwanted books from home.  Children were able to use the Cheynes Pound that they had earned by bringing in some unwanted books to then buy another book.  The Eco Champions were thrilled by the number of children recycling their books in school.  The first Bring and Buy Book Sale was a real success and the Eco Champions were pleased to see so many children thinking about finding new homes for their unwanted books and not just throwing them away!                                    

Let’s hope that this was the first of many sales to reuse unwanted this space in 2013-2014!

Plant a Daffodil Day!


To launch the setting up of the new Eco-Schools Group in 2012, the children decided they wanted to include the whole school in a planting event.  Each child was given a daffodil bulb to plant at the front of the school.  There were over 200 daffodils growing outside the school!  What will The Eco Champions think of next?

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Cycle Shelter/Outdoor Classroom Grand Opening


Over the Autumn Term in 2012 we were able to watch the building of our new outdoor classroom step by step.  During this time there had been sunshine, rain and even snow!  We hope you enjoy looking at each stage of the construction.  You may notice that on the final photograph you can see a ‘living-roof’ on top of the shelter. 


To celebrate the grand opening of the shelter, children were encouraged to cycle to school, as that they could use the cycle pods housed in one half of the shelter.  All the children that came to school by bike or scooter were rewarded with a delicious breakfast in the hall. 


114 children joined us for breakfast that day.  It was a good thing that Mrs Walsh had bought extra croissants! 


It will be interesting to see how the living roof shelter will be used in 2013-2014 as half of it is going to be used as an outdoor classroom.  How this space!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Vegfest 2013


In 2012-2013 Cheynes garden was transformed by an eager Gardening Club, The Eco Champions and the help of some hard working adults.  Look at the pictures to see some of the changes that occurred over the school year.


Every class planted some seeds in the spring term and we were really pleased to be able to harvest some of our produce to take along to the Luton Vegfest 2013 in the summer term.  Well, what an amazing day!  The Eco Champions proudly presented a range of produce; they made a garden on a plate and took along a dish made from the turnips growing in the garden.


It was a really successful for day for everyone at Cheynes School as we were awarded 3 prizes for:

Best Spring Onions, Best Food Dish and Best ‘other’ Vegetable. 


We were also Highly Commended for our:

Broad Beans; Potatoes; Peas and Turnips.

(We will need to buy a trophy cabinet now!)


The Eco Champions also got to take part in some exciting workshops on the day.  Here are some photographs from this very special event:



Eco Schools at Cheynes Infants

An introduction to our Eco Programme


We are very pleased to have achieved Eco School status. We currently have our Silver award and are working very hard towards our Green Flag.


We have worked very hard on the nine topics covered by Eco Schools celebrating our success. The whole school community is involved with the work that is being done .The children enjoy taking part in the various activities


Cycle Shelter


Our Pod Park has arrived! This enables parents to leave their child’s bike locked securely for the duration of the school day. We encourage all our children to walk, ride or scoot to school whenever possible pro-moting a healthy lifestyle.


Our families are encouraged to use sustainable transport for their journey to and from school where possible. Our Pod Park facilitates parents/carers leaving their child's bike or scooter on site for the duration of the school day.


Locks are available to buy from the school office.


Battery Back


We belong to a scheme to recycle batteries used at home and at school. Battery Back enables our school community and local residents to deposit used and old batteries for disposal. This prevents them going to landfill sites.


Laptop batteries are included.


The Battery Back Bin is in Reception.



Cheynes Eco Council


Cheynes Eco Council is annually elected by the children. Teaching staff and a Governor form part of the Committee along with the Eco Champions for the school.


Regular meetings are held to discuss current topics and make decisions on actions to be taken. The Eco Council feed back to classmates on discussions and decisions made.


Minutes are taken at these meetings and displayed in the school.