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Online Safety

All staff at Cheynes Infant School have received Online Safety training and are updated regularly about any changes. Online Safety is also taught to the children through half termly assemblies and through their Computing lessons using the Switched on Computing Online Safety resources. The children also discuss different scenarios around online safety and what they should do should something occur.  A termly magazine is sent home to families outlining useful resources, websites and support.

Online Safety for Parents Presentation & useful guides.

Hector Protector

Within school we promote ‘Hector Protector’ to keep us safe whilst on the computers.

Hector is a dolphin that swims in the top right-hand corner on the screen. The children have been taught to click Hector should they see anything they think is unsuitable or that they are unsure about.


 To use Hector Protector at home, simply download the FREE file from:


Once downloaded Hector will simply swim on the screen and if something pops up that causes concern to your child, they click on him and the screen is covered. An adult can then investigate.


Hector’s world offers a range of games for the children and also information for parents.


Useful Websites