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Our Cheynes Values

Our Cheynes Values

What are values?

Values could be defined as desirable ideals or standards by which people choose to live their lives by. A set of values can be shared and upheld by an individual or a group of people to influence their behaviour and attitudes when reacting to a range of situations.

At Cheynes Infant School we have compiled a list of values that we believe support our vision and ethos and underpin what we believe are positive qualities for a person to possess.

Why promote values in school?

We believe that by upholding and promoting certain values in school we can:

  • Support work towards our vision;
  • Support our Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) and Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) Education curriculums;
  • Promote positive behaviour and encourage each other to be good role models, which will ultimately enhance behaviour in school;
  • Encourage pupils to work to the best of their abilities;
  • Promote friendship and good manners;
  • Reinforce fundamental British Values.

How we select our values:

We firstly asked all staff to nominate values that they felt were important to our school. We then asked the school council to ascertain which values the children in their classes would like to see promoted. After this we went on to ask parents and carers to complete a survey to find out the values that are important to them. From this, we compiled a list of values for the year. We update this list of values on a yearly basis.

How do we teach about the values?

The values are introduced during a whole school assembly. Each class discusses and learns about each value at a level that is appropriate to them. The value of the month is promoted at every opportunity; through the curriculum and beyond. We then conclude and celebrate what we have learned about the value in a Celebration assembly.

How you can help at home:

Talk to your child about the value of the month and discuss the meaning of it. Talk about that value as it occurs in daily life.




Our Values 2018-2019






To work well with others in a group.

October Patience To wait calmly without complaint



To show politeness and honour towards someone or something. To treat everyone without offence, when people or groups are different to you.



To show or express thanks.



To continue with something and not give up when facing problems.



To be generous, thoughtful and respectful to others.



To trust in your own abilities.



To see the good in life.



To wonder about the world around you.



To have the courage to try new ideas and give things a go.


Our Values Board.

Children and adults receive ‘bricks’ as a reward for being a good example of holding the value of the month. These bricks go into a special golden box to go on our Cheynes Values Wall each week. At the end of each month, one or two people are chosen to get a certificate of commendation for showing excellent work towards the value.

Picture 1 Values Wall 2016-2017
Picture 2 Values Tree - Values from home
Picture 3 Values Wall - November 2017

Here's our Values from Home letter