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Parent/Carer Questionnaires results




October 2017


Parents and carers were recently asked to complete questionnaires regarding our school.


Foundation Stage parents and carers were asked to comment on the transition process into school and how they felt their children had

settled into life at Cheynes.


"My child really enjoys coming to school and has settled very easily.

Staff are warm and friendly."


"My child loves her new school. I found the transition process really good."



Key Stage One parents and carers were asked to comment on a range of statements regarding their child and the school.


"As parents we love this school and

are very happy that all of our children have come here."


"We are pleased with the school’s communication with parents and safeguarding procedures in place. We feel our child is safe and secure and in good hands."


We were very pleased with the overall positive responses and additional comments from parents and carers across the school – thank you.


As a school we know how important it is to ensure that we establish and maintain good links with families. We are always looking for ways to keep everyone well informed about all aspects of school life.


The one statement that 10% of parents and carers felt unable to agree or disagree with was“the school deals with cases of bullying effectively” and responded as “don’t know”.


In order to help address this we are holding information sessions and puppet workshops during Anti Bullying Week (commencing 13th November 2017). It is hoped that through these events parents and carers will be better informed of our policies and procedures.


If you are unable to attend these events please look out for information leaflets following the sessions – or better still – ask your children.







Results of questionnaires



December 2017


Following our parent/carer questionnaire in October we noted the one statement that 10% of parents and carers felt unable to agree or disagree with was“the school deals with cases of bullying effectively” and responded as “don’t know”.


In November as part of our work in Anti-Bullying Week we held three workshops for parents and carers in order to explain:


  • What is Bullying?

  • Is it Bullying?

  • Our Anti Bullying and Behaviour & Discipline policies

  • Our Anti Bullying curriculum

  • Dealing with Bullying

  • What you can do at home


Children then joined their parents/carers to make sock puppets and talk about what they had been learning during Anti Bullying Week. All sessions were very well attended and it was lovely to see grandmas, granddads and other family members having fun making sock puppets with the children.


We asked those who had attended to complete a short questionnaire and the results were as follows:





Do you know how the school deals with bullying?



Do you feel that the school has an effective policy in place to deal with bullying?



Do you know how to talk to your child at home about bullying?



Did you enjoy the Sock Puppet Activity?




Comments and feedback included:

“My child has been talking about the learning this week within the context using the messages learnt”

“Thank you my child definitely enjoys it when her parents can come and get involved in activities”

“It was great fun, thanks”

“I really like the way there is such high importance given to making sure children are heard”

“I hope you effectively follow the anti-bullying policy at all times”

“This was a great way for the children to learn and we had a great time together”

“It is very important to know how the school stands on bullying and now I can say I do”

“More focus to prevent rather than support. The presentation was focused on how to report, not about prevention”


As always, please speak to your child’s Class Teacher or the Head Teacher if you have any concerns regarding your child