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School Activities

Farm Animals seen in Foundation Stage!

Foundation Stage had a wonderful morning meeting the farm animals from Ark Farm. They met goats, chickens, ducks, sheep, dogs and a pig. Everyone also had a pony ride. It was a fantastic morning enjoyed by all!

Sport Relief 2018


Thank you to the wonderful school councillors for organising some fun activities for the whole school to take part in for Sport Relief. In order to keep fit, healthy and happy, the school councillors organised a competition across the different year groups to see which classes could do the most speed bounces, skips and star jumps in one minute. The children also had a competition within their classes to see which child could keep a hula hoop up for the longest time!
The winners of the competition were:

Speed bounces

Foundation Stage- Sunshine Class
Year 1 – Blue Class
Year 2- Mauve Class


Foundation Stage- Starlight Class
Year 1- Green Class
Year 2- Mauve Class

Star jumps

Foundation Stage- Sunshine Class
Year 1- Yellow Class
Year 2- Orange Class

Hula Hoop Champions

Starlight Class- Phoebe
Sunshine Class- Afsarah
Rainbow Class- Gajenthy
Blue Class- Chloe
Yellow Class- Sophie
Green Class- Tegan
Red Class- Keeley
Orange Class- Olivia
Mauve Class- Alexander

As well as the competitions in our PE sessions, the school councillors also arranged a non-uniform day to raise money for Sport Relief. Altogether, we raised a fantastic £253.43 for the charity. Thank you all for your kind donations!

Miss Smith

The School Council congratulating the school during assembly

The School Council congratulating the school during assembly 1
The School Council congratulating the school during assembly 2
The School Council congratulating the school during assembly 3
The School Council congratulating the school during assembly 4
The School Council congratulating the school during assembly 5

Cheynes Infant School having fun for Sports Relief, 2018

Children's Mental Health Week 

5th - 9th February, 2018


At Cheynes Infant School, we believe that all children should feel valued, respected and be able to talk positively about their differences and similarities with others. We were therefore keen to take part in Children’s Mental Health Week on 5th February.

Throughout the week all the children took part in activities thinking about why it’s good to be ourselves. The children also took part in an assembly celebrating how we are all unique and different. You can see a video of all the children singing during the assembly by clicking on the following link:

Thank you to everyone who took part in the whole school homework activity. The children were obviously very proud in thinking about what makes them special and unique and they created some amazing posters celebrating this! You can see the fantastic results within the photos below.

Your support is greatly appreciated and we thank you for encouraging your children to be proud of who they are. Understanding that we are all unique, with our own strengths, qualities and interests is very important for our well being. Through having a positive view of ourselves, we can feel better equipped to cope with life’s challenges and make better connections with others.

Here are a few simple ways that you can encourage your children to understand the importance of ‘Being Ourselves’:

  • Point out your children’s positive qualities determination, courage, kindness – help them to notice what makes them special

  • Have a chat about the strengths, qualities and interests within your family over dinner, in the car or when playing can be fun to notice how we are all different from each other!

  • Celebrate your efforts with your children whether you go for a run, get a promotion at work or cook a great meal, sharing your achievements, no matter how big or small, will help your own children to recognise their own.

    We can all make a difference....


    Miss Ballinger

    Deputy Headteacher

It's good to be me!

Foundation Stage Phonics Week

We have had another successful phonics viewing week in Foundation Stage. The sessions were well attended across all three classes and the children have loved showing their parents how they learn in school.

Parents felt:

"It was good to know the phonics properly so that I can teach my child at home. The organisation was brilliant, the class behaved beautifully and it was nice to see my daughter join in"


"It was very informative, this will be quite helpful to know and practise at home and hopefully will help to improve homework time. It was well organised and I am impressed with how much my son has learned since September. Thank you for that."


"It is useful to see how games are incorporated into learning phonics and what level they are at. "


"Very informative- didn't realise how fun letters can be!"


"It was a very informative session. This is a very fun way to read and write. Also they are sharing with their friends to work as a team."


Foundation Stage Parent Lunch Autumn 2017

To welcome our new parents to Cheynes we invited them to lunch with their children. Then they had the chance to meet their child's teacher and visit their classroom. The children thoroughly enjoyed showing their parents what life is like at Cheynes!

Puzzle Challenge Day - 2015

The children all appeared to thoroughly enjoy the Puzzle Challenge Day this week, taking part in a range of giant puzzles and mathematical challenges.  The children worked well in teams and everyone was encouraged to not give up!

Even the adults in school were encouraged to have a go at solving some of the challenges...some of them even completed them!  Well done Mrs Heasman!

Picture 1

And a really big thank you to all the parents and carers who returned at the end of the day to have a go at completing some more challenges with their children. 

We saw some amazing examples of perseverance, particularly from some Grandparents!  We were proud of your efforts.  Well done!

Maths Puzzle Challenge Day - 2015

World Maths Day


The theme this year for World Maths Day at Cheynes Infant School was 'collaborative learning when solving problems using a range of thinking skills'.  To enable this to happen, the whole school was mixed up for one afternoon to give children from Foundation Stage, Year One and Year Two the opportunity to work together on various mathematical games/problems.

Scroll down to find photographs of each class working alongside other year groups.  Make sure you look for the correct class name.


Our Super Science Day!

Our Super Science Day! 1
Our Super Science Day! 2
Our Super Science Day! 3

What a fantastic Science Day we had on Friday 8th November! In the lead up to the day a challenging Science Quiz was put on the website and sent out to all children. We were amazed to have 88 entries with over half of these getting all the questions correct! As there were so many responses, the children’s names were put into a hat and a name was drawn from each class. The lucky winners of some fabulous science kits were:


Mauve Class: Ashleigh

Red Class: Chloe

Orange Class: Taskin

Green Class: Jamie

Yellow Class: Lucas

Blue Class: Ben

Rainbow Class: Jessica

Starlight Class: Yasmin

Sunshine Class: Zara


The Quiz really got the children thinking scientifically and they were all very excited for our Science Day! The day started out with children watching their teachers (or Professors!) conduct some amazing ‘Wow’ experiments; including exploding bags, volcanoes and magic eggs!


The children then watched ‘Quantum Theatre’ perform ‘Octopushy’. This funny and entertaining show helped the children to learn all about forces including pushes, pulls, magnetism and gravity. The rest of the day involved children in Years 1 and 2 rotating around their year group classrooms to take part in lots of challenging investigations.


The children were challenged to make paper helicopters, investigate friction using jelly and create rocket mice amongst other investigations! The children in Foundation Stage investigated forces, materials and changing materials in lots of fun ways; including making popcorn, creating superhero capes and driving magnetic cars!


The day was finished off with a fantastic assembly allowing the children to show off what they had been investigating throughout the day. The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and it encouraged them to ask questions and explore the world around them.


What a success!

Miss Horn

Science Subject Leader