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Year 1

Science Quiz


Can you challenge yourself to answer these tricky scientific questions? Think back to what you learnt on Science Day. If you get stuck, you can always use the internet or books to help you.


These questions are from ‘The Electricity Show’ that we watched:


  1. What are the 2 ends of a battery called?_____________________     and     ________________________
  2. What will happen to a bulb if you add an extra battery to the circuit? Circle your answer. The bulb will get brighter/dimmer.
  3. Electrical wires contain electrons. True or false?
  4. I have made a circuit with a battery, wires and a bulb. My bulb doesn’t light up. What could be wrong?


These questions are from your activities in the classrooms:


  1. Water and oil doesn't mix. Does oil sink in water or float?
  2. What is the force called that pushed your balloon rocket along the wire?
  3. What is the gas called that made your lemonade fizzy?

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